Geeetech Mizar M


The assembly process is fairly straightforward and took us around 30 minutes to complete.

The manual provides clear and concise instructions with detailed illustrations, making it easy to follow.

Place the frame (gantry kit) on the hot bed kit and insert (M5*35) 2 screws each side. this 3d printed tool might help you in assembly.

After that, let's install the dual extruder module, which was surprisingly simple to do. only tighten up these 3 screws. remove these blue locks and insert the PTFE tubes to the end then lock it again.

Now time for spool holders. place both of them at distance. Let's attach this auto bed leveling sensor to the hotend module kit.

Now it's time for wire connections, which was straightforward. while connecting extruder wires make sure to connect E0 and E1 wires accordingly.

The main big cord goes straight into a hotend module kit and ties it up with zip ties.

let's remove this z axis screw to insert the bed adjustment knob. and also remove this screw to insert axis adjustable knob.

Insert a given memory card. plug the main power cord. and before turning the printer on, make sure to adjust the input voltage as per your country.

cables were properly connected. Overall, the assembly process was smooth and hassle-free. It's time to switch on the printer. The LCD display looks good.

Let's talk about some features of the Geeetech Mizar M 3D printer. The build Volume of this printer is 255*255*260mm. Nozzle Max Temperature 250 degree, Hotbed Max Temperature 110 degree.
The first thing that stands out is the dual extruder module, which allows for multicolor printing.
This is a great feature for those who want to add some creative flair to their prints.
The printer also comes with a dual z-axis system, which ensures better stability and precision during printing.
Another standout feature is the swappable hotend makes this printer a unique machine.
The gradient one module is for color mixing and the other one is a separate color module for multicolor printing. (add internal nozzle view pic from manual) we will see hotend module prints in a minute.
Additionally, features like the auto bed leveling system, which saves a lot of time and effort. The magnetic bed is also a nice touch, making it easy to remove the prints from the bed once they're done.

Here Is

Geeetech Mizar M

Unboxing & Review

Settings Tab:
(Settings tab)- let's explore what's inside this settings tab. switch for filament runout. Languages which only have English and Chinese I guess.
button for this beep sound. Also you can turn off the nozzle led at night if your printer is near your bed. This one is a separate module kit settings which gets enabled when that module gets connected.
Now the mix kit is turned on. Info of our printer.
(Tools tab)- In tools tab MOVE is for controlling the X axis, Y axis and our Z axis.
In the preheat menu we get some presets for PLA and ABS, also you can adjust your own in a custom tab for Nozzle and bed.
Home for parking all axes. We can manually adjust fan speed also. unlock is to free all motors so we can manually shift axes.
This FIX Tab is for controlling the colors from extruders. Gradient tab is for manually adjusting the gradient color for our print without software.
(Bed level)- Now let's try this Bed leveling. select auto level, it has a 16 point of leveling which is good. It has done calculations.
Now it's time for the Z-offset. Let's take an A4 paper and finalise it.

Printing Test:
The printer performed admirably, producing prints with crisp, clean lines and excellent detail. but some miner overhangs you can see in the shark's eyes. and also a first layer issue.
but overall finishing is really amazing.

Build Quality
Swapable Hotend
Dual Extruder With Dual Gear
Filament Detection
Nozzle LED light
Auto Bed Leveling
Magnetic Build Plate
Dual Z Axis
Power Loss Recovery
Smooth Touch screen
Filament Runout Detection
32 Bit Silent Motherboard
Belt Adjustment
The Gradient Module Slicing Is A Bit Tricky (slicing software needs improment)
Seperated & Gradient Mode Settings Are Tricky
Machine Is Not Easy To Move
Cooling Fan Is A Bit Loud

Overall if you already have 1 printer and want multicolor printing experience then you should go with this 3D Printer.
All in all, we're really impressed with the Geeetech Mizar M 3D printer.
It's easy to assemble, has a ton of great features, and produces high-quality prints with excellent detail.
If you're in the market for a reliable, multicolor 3D printer, I highly recommend giving the Geeetech Mizar M a try. Thanks for Reading!

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