How To Make OTTO 3D Printed Robot

Full Info / Credits for the individual 3D prints items are available here,

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Download 3D Model

Things You Need For This Project
  1. Arduino Nano:
  2. Nano I/O Expansion Sensor Shield:
  3. Ultrasonic Module Distance Sensor:
  4. AA battery:
  5. 9 Volt Cell Rechargeable Batteries:
  6. HC-06 Bluetooth 2.0:
  7. 5V Active Buzzer:
  8. SG90 9G Micro Servo 180°:
  9. Breadboard Jumper Wires 20cm:
  10. Latching Push Button Switch:
  11. Breadboard Jumper Wires:
  12. 9 Volt Cell Rechargeable Batteries:

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